Cargo Airlines Facing New Responsibility Prior Covid-19 Vaccine Delivery

Cargo Airlines Facing New Responsibility Prior Covid-19 Vaccine Delivery

With the number of 20 billion Covid-19 vaccinations planned to be delivered all over the world, cargo airlines are facing a large number of extra flights.

Global supply chains’ functionality needs to be revisited prior to this challenge of the distribution. Logistics will play the key role and airlines need to be prepared.

Vaccine Transportation

Since vaccines can be easily spoiled and their manufacturing takes time, extra steps and measures will need to be taken to make sure they will arrive to their destinations intact.

Vaccines have to be kept at cold temperatures during their transit.

FedEx Corp. and DHL already started working on their new temperature-monitoring systems which is planned to be of extreme help when it comes to the vaccines. 

Certain airlines are turning towards “freezer farms”; refrigerators at the airports where vaccines could be safely stored while waiting for their flights.

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Experts think that the vaccines will need around two years to arrive to all countries worldwide.

Holiday Season and Vaccine Distribution 

However, holiday season is approaching and airlines have been booked up more than ever. Maybe travelers will not fly around a lot, but cargo airlines have been booked up until February 2021. Consumer goods, such as apparel and electronics, need to reach their buyers. The additional worry is that people will be buying even more due to holidays.

Besides that, corporations such as Apple and Sony are planning to release their products. iPhone 5G and PlayStation 5 are just some of the most expected products to hit the stores. 

Vaccine distribution will be quite a challenge for airlines, but the necessity of these deliveries is loud and clear. The year of 2020 will be at one point behind us, but it is up to us to face it and learn some lessons in its aftermath. 

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