Who we are

QFS was founded as a business and financial advisory firm in 2015. Since the beginning we have strived to keep up with global trends and provide our clients with a modern and sophisticated portfolio of services that can fully match your needs.

Leaders of QFS have distinctive experience in executive positions of large global corporations, senior M&A activities and advising top level management.

Over the past 5 years the company participated in more than 100 projects, covering a wide range of services and industry sectors like construction,
manufacturing, processing, financial services, IT, agriculture and real estate. 

Core values

We are dedicated to our clients’ success.

We are dedicated because we do things we care about, understand, and believe in. And as a such, we are always curios to explore and learn more. We find solutions by collaborating with our clients and partners as well. Yet, we are aware of what is still missing and necessary to be improved to stay relevant to constantly fulfill clients’ needs.

That is why when we are in the process of hiring new or promote current employees, we prefer humble and committed learners who are always focused on new challenges ahead. 


We are guided by meritocracy while at the same time supporting diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI).

We are guided by meritocracy and rely on both our human and social capital to find intelligent and innovative solutions for all business and societal challenges organizations may face in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

We believe that human talent should be developed and actualized to the greatest extent, and that is why we stand firmly for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, or DEI principles. Leaders of QFS aim creating context where our employees can thrive thanks to continuous learning and development. Caring about people implies that when providing advisory services to our clients, in parallel with focusing on performance, we also support preserving the planet for future generations.  


To help clients create, deliver and capture value and to stay relevant in the 21st century, while respecting people and planet.

Our purpose is to advice clients on how to best create, deliver and capture value, and help them stay relevant in 21st century, while respecting people and the planet in doing so.

We offer advisory, coaching, and other services which aid saving existing and creation of new jobs. Our people do want to bring higher quality and innovations to the markets. 


To provide high quality advisory services worldwide

QFS provides business and financial advisory services, across several markets and regions, including South-East Europe (SEE), Scandinavia, D-A-CH, Benelux and USA. We are also open to explore opportunities for our potential expansion to the East too. 


To become an invincible company in the market.

Together with our clients and partners, we want to become invincible in the market. Therefore, our concept is to best combine people and machines’ intelligence and connect with right organizations and individuals.

To see our vision as real, we define and develop sound strategies and business models, internal (eco)systems, processes, functions, new capabilities, culture and teams to serve our clients today and in the future. We think that to always stay relevant, we should excel in networking, and connect with preferable partners and clients. These networks are called ecosystems, where organizations, machines and people across different industries, join commitments and capabilities to innovate and solve customer problems. To be part of this we must bring in our expertise, data and capabilities in return for partners’ contributions. We must earn and nurture partners’ and customers’ trust to keep the ecosystem together which is why we work hard to excel in collaboration, negotiation, leadership, governance and compliance to create, deliver and capture value via ecosystems. We believe this is how we can make our vision become true. 

We deploy all our capabilities and assets to enable business development and success of our Clients. We involve our Clients during each step of the way since joint collaboration equals optimum outcomes. Especially when it comes to creating a business development strategy that will last in today’s innovative and challenging business climate.

In short, we are LOYAL to our clients, INVINCIBLE to the market and DEDICATED to Your success.

Our pledge on responsible leadership

Responsible leadership for us means delivering both for financial performance and broader societal goals. When advising our clients, we aim at PERFORMANCE, while taking care of PLANET and PEOPLE. Therefore, we help companies design viable and sustainable business models (BMs), and to decide where to invest and divest now, implying that necessary transformations come at cost.

Yet, we do not necessarily think of them as a trade-off between performance and sustainability, rather we seek optimization for both, when possible. We see actualization of transformation for sustainability and its progressing to companies’ “must haves” due to the following trends. 

Increasing number of investors who have added ESG factors in their investments analyses to mitigate risk
Inclusion of ESG initiatives and metrics in companies value propositions and BMs/ cost savings, less waste
Rising “voting with wallets” by consumers
Acceleration of governments (compliance), other regulators, and standards setters- on new regulation, taxing, and subsiding
B2B buyers and suppliers within value chains, or partners across ecosystems won’t do business with companies that ignore societal goals, due to their own risk mitigation and rating, compliance, as well as core values and impact.

We believe that business should lead the way, thanks to its impact and footprint, as well as innovation capability. Otherwise, companies would not sustain performance due to exposure to risks of natural disasters, biodiversity losses, air, water, and land pollution, and so on. To come to solutions, we must innovate. Therefore, we advise leaders on how to develop new capabilities and the right context and culture for their people and innovations to thrive.

Yet, it works the opposite way too, companies cannot survive if failing to sustain earnings for their owners. Consequently, responsible leadership must commit to all stakeholders and balance existing businesses with new ones. This is how we help clients to create and sustain the future they want for themselves. 

QFS Current moment

QFS was founded as business and financial advisory company. We think that in process we have gained some maturity to expand former to include Organizational Health assessments, advisory around preparation for and adoption of Digital technologies, majorly as Automation of Finance function, BI, visualization, as well as ESG and Sustainability Transformations and Reporting.

These are hot themes and required changes businesses must pursue to stay relevant in 21st century. These changes are coupled with increasing complexity where we can make all much easier for you by joining our strengths.

In addition to the mentioned new services, our views around the partnerships have been evolved to embrace innovations and competing in ecosystems, think of them as network of several partnerships to incorporate partners from different industries, necessary to prosper nowadays. Companies used to compete in more or less well-defined ecosystems called industries where CEOs excelled on execution side.

Today to stay competitive implies innovation which requires joint commitments of partners across different industries, think of autonomous and electric vehicles for example, where you need to bring in capabilities originated in separate industries to come to joint desirable value proposition, profitable and sustainable business models. We see competing in ecosystems with new business models as rising trend, hence leadership and alignment (of internal ecosystems for external ecosystems), governance, negotiations, valuations have all of sudden become essential skills we can help you on, to survive and thrive.

For instance, negotiation skills have come to the forefront since in the partnerships (or ecosystems) there is no one single CEO or organizational designer who overpower others, consequently you need to be good in negotiating and we can advise you on these matters.

Since ecosystems consist of several partnerships, we have strengthened our capability to navigate through each of life cycle phases such as launching and structuring JVs and alliances, their governance, making them sustainable and ESG, valuations of partners’ stakes, minority rights, sourcing from parents, intellectual property (IP), restructuring and exit, and other issues you can face. 

Finance function trasformation

Beyond traditional tasks of finance function (which you can outsource to us) such as reporting, controlling and budgeting, we have extended our expertise to include automation (of finance function), to provide more strategic insights and to add dynamism and optionality with scenario planning and zero- based budgeting.

Post deal integration

In collaboration with our partners, we offer full end-to-end support and guidance to our clients throughout the transaction process. We supply advisory for post deal integration, which we see as the critical part of the process, for planned synergies to make happen.