Business Advisory

Corporate Finance and Strategy

We assist our clients in formulation and execution of their business and corporate strategies. During implementation phase we are open to partner with you to track, steer and orchestrate developments of your strategic intents, to ensure your aspirations and visions to come true. 

To do so, we bundle together strategy and corporate finance advises together, since we see them as intertwined and in interplay with each other. Here is the list of related services: 

In order to implement business and corporate strategies consider our other services. 

Transformations, Innovations & Leadership

You know that past performance doesn’t guarantee future results. Transformation is a never ending process of changing your organization to stay successful. Status quo is not sustainable due to constant influx of innovations, new technologies, alterations in regulation, shifting of customers’ and employees’ expectations, macroeconomics, disruptions caused by geopolitics and other externalities, which can all harm your business at any time. 

Try to go ahead of these forces by creating and nurturing the right organizational culture with our help. We will make changes together to set the adequate organizational context and systems, which allow innovations to thrive, and consequently to secure your future relevance to always satisfy your customers’ needs. In the case you miss to timely spot new trends coming, we can also support your consequent forced changes and financial restructuring process. 

M&As, Transactions, Ecosystems

In collaboration with our partners, we offer full
end-to-end support and guidance to our clients throughout the transaction process. Our services have constantly evolved to match your specific needs and requirements and to facilitate customized transaction strategies, for both sell and buy side advisory.
Through a well structured approach we handle the overall transaction process starting from preparation of M&A by identifying documentation,

conducting company valuation, approaching potential investors, screening potential target companies, supporting the due diligence process and participating in contract negotiations up to the point of successful signing of the sale and purchase agreement(SPA). After transactions, we provide advices for post deal integration, which we see as the critical part of the process, for planned synergies to happen.


We advise startups owners and leaders how to found a company, develop and run their business(es) throughout all stages of their life cycle You can complement your expertise with ours to pass easier through complexity of.

We dedicate our in-depth knowledge and resources to support startups formulate and implement sound business strategies, develop products and services, navigate through the fundraising process and successfully grow in the market. We offer guidance for testing business ideas and subsequent building of firm and business models to come to product and organization market fit and scale. 

At present, companies must be agile and adaptable, and to partner within ecosystems in order to survive and thrive In collaboration with you, we will set adequate goals and metrics to timely track realization of your business ideas. As your business mature, you should answer how to stay relevant and keep innovating In the case you prefer to cash out, you can rely on our expertise and experience in valuations and transactions.