Staying Relevant

Importance of staying relevant

As of recently, we have expanded our range of business advisory services to account for Organizational Health assessments, advisory in preparation for and adoption of Digital technologies, and ESG and Sustainability Transformations and Reporting. 

These are hot themes and required changes all businesses must pursue to stay relevant in 21 st century These changes are coupled with increasing complexity where we can make it all much easier for our clients. 

In addition to the mentioned new services, our views around the partnerships have been evolved to embrace innovations and competing in Ecosystems. We see competing in ecosystems with new business models as rising trend, hence Leadership and Alignment (of internal ecosystems for external ecosystems), Governance, Negotiations, Valuations have all of sudden become essential skills we can help our clients, to survive and thrive.

Organizational health

You want healthy financial performances in the future, then think of them as lagging indicators and result of organizational health. It is about aligning around common vision, culture, motivating people, learning, development and productivity, as well as creativity and innovations. You need your people to be engaged, empowered to spot risk and opportunities ahead, to be customer centric, to invest in and to develop new capabilities, and you must have good leaders to create future you want for your company. The goal is to ensure that company is future ready. Those are dynamic and innovations capabilities, and you should assess them in advance.

Are you curious about how customers see you and what are their needs? Many studies have shown that most CEOs have foreseen new entrants disrupting their businesses and core markets with new business models. Having this kind of information is the most essential regarding future success of your business, and you can not find them in financial statements, that is why we are here to make them available for you.

With the choice of proper metrics, analytical tools and analyses, and in collaboration with you, we can check the health of your businesses, provide the accurate interpretations and state the valid diagnose. Then in process of cocreation, we will jointly come to relevant solutions. 

Advisory on digital

We continually work on growing the number of our partnerships with digital technology providers. By doing so, we secure constant pipeline of full spectrum of new digital technologies to best fit your specific context and needs. In other words, we see the choice of digital technology being in function and as a part of strategy implementation. Yet, despite availability of technical expertise, still approximately 75% of all digital transformations have failed, mostly due to mistakes on people side in sense of culture, leadership and skills mismatch.

That is why we have developed capabilities which prevent this from happening. We would work together to state the problem which you will solve with the help of right (mix of) digital technologies. We can additionally intermediate between you and the technology suppliers. Finally, we would prepare human side of your organization for adoption of digital technologies. We can continue together during the subsequent fast scale and delivery phase. We would learn in this process what works best for you for further refinements and adjustments, as well as for new solutions. 

Sustainability (ESG)

Due to rising awareness and scrutiny of general public, businesses have to increasingly prove that they are doing good in relation to planet and people, while delivering performances in tandem. Therefore, more and more companies have been redesigning their business models, practices and operations in order to meet ESG standards requirements.

As result, to satisfy your needs, we have recently created new set of services called together the QFSesg: